Friday, May 25, 2012

Sewing Machine Cover

Keeping in the weeks theme of covering things up, I made a new sewing machine cover.  I picked up the fabric well over a month ago, at Bib n Tucker, my go to place for batiks.  Sometimes they have some other fabrics as well along with pre-cuts that catch my eye. I recently got some Kaffe Facet charm squares in the Water line that I am contemplating making a quilt top with.  You just never know what is hidden away in the store, cause there is a lot of fabric...  If you are looking for balis this is the store to go to.  But back to my project..

sewing machine cover

The fabric that I found for my project is by Kensington for Quilting Treasures.  The pattern that I used was from Sew 4 home who has a series of patterns to cover your sewing machine, serger etc.  I had a bit of difficulty with the lining, I think I would do it a bit differently the next time or even omit it all together and just serge everything for a nice clean finish.  Either way it works well to keep the dust off the machine when not in use. Now I have to do something about my table cover.  I think I will find some black or white vinyl to cover my table and do away with the 7 year old cover that is currently on to keep fabric from catching on some of the rough plastic edges of the table.

I am thinking of making another cover this time for a TV that doesn't get a lot of use.  I saw one online for an outdoor TV  that might give me an idea how to construct it.  I am thinking quick and simple, pull on , pull off. I think i have a scrap of fabric and some orphan blocks that will work for this project! LOL.

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