Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simply Patchwork

Trying to be diligent and use up scraps, I made this simple patchwork quilt.  This has fabrics from two different projects in it, so I think I have been very thrifty.  The flannel I purchased at Fabricland during a sale, for less than $3/ meter which is a super good deal. Even the batting is scraps that were pieced together using the heat and press tape.  So far I have been having good luck with that stuff.
Warm Patchwork - boy
   Anyways, these are 4.5" squares pieced randomly to make the quilt top that I think is more boyish.  The back is a mossy green flannel and the binding is yet another 1/2 meter cut that I was able to use up from the stash.  Arlene quilted it using a simple leaf motif that is effective and subtle.  It is 36 X 48 inches, a good size for a crib or covering up a baby carrier.  While my patches aren't as cool as Rita's from Red Pepper Quilts is I think there is something very charming about it. Maybe its the Riley Blake Lions!

Warm Patchwork - boy

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