Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dr. Seuss Remix

I was able to put the binding on this little baby quilt made from Dr. Seuss prints.  I had some left overs from another quilt made last fall that I wanted to use up and decided to try out some improv.  Its not so random when you look at it, but baby steps I think will be my way to embrace this new technique. Each block is essentially the same, only different fabric in different places except for the red dot and black and white stripe.  I must spend some more time challenging myself with improv. I saw something in a magazine that made me want to use it as a stepping off point to try something new.

Dr Seuss Remix

 I was looking at a Valerie Wells book today and had to marvel at how she has been able to embrace new techniques and make quilts well over 30 years now.  Often its easy to get stuck in one color way, pattern or style.  When I think about the quilts I have done I have to admit that I haven`t found my style yet.  And maybe that is a good thing cause I am willing to play with new options rather than making the same thing.

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