Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring Placemats

Place mats seem to be my go to gift for my parents.  So it is not surprising then that I choose to make another pair of them for my mom's 65th birthday.  Of course I have other stuff as well, but I always like to have one handmade gift to add to the pile.

Mom and Dad - Happy B Day
 Back in March my LQS had some Fandango fabric by Kate Spain.  Some of it I used to make cathedral windows pillow (still in progress cause I am hand stitching it), the rest I put aside to make place mats for this birthday.  I added to it some orange dots by Riley Blake, and some other fabrics in my stash and have this scrappy looking mats. 
Place mats for two

 The back is the Fandango print, as is the carry case for them.  Though I did put a band of Riley Blake fabric on it to give it an extra pop. The carry case is nothing special, just fabric sewn up the side to corral all the place mats and keep them in one spot.  Now all that remains to do is pop them into the mail! 
Carry Case for place mats

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