Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fare Well Joe Wilson

On Monday I had the honor of being part of the committal for Joe Wilson and the commemoration of HMCS Esquimalt. Joe was the last survivor from the sinking of the Esquimalt that went down in WW2 after being torpedoed by a U boat. It was a rainy day but the sun came out  and the rain stopped when we reached our destination that we would do the committal.
As you can see it was pretty windy.  Not quite the gale that the announcer says, but windy.  I got an ear ache that night from the wind, but wearing a toque in such a setting just would not do.  Its quite a sound to hear a flag whipping in the wind, the bag pipes sounding on the lower deck and hearing the splash of the ashes going to the deep.
I followed this up with leading prayers at the cairn located at Esquimalt town hall.  It was a good turn out and blessed with less wind than earlier in the day.  All and all, a great navy day. 

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