Monday, April 9, 2012

Christ is Risen

Easter Around the World by PJP_
Easter Around the World, a photo by PJP_ on Flickr.

Happy Easter. I am a bit late on blogging for last week. I had the final few days of an online course in Political Science wrapping up with a 12 page paper due Easter Sunday, on one of the most stupidest of questions. I am so glad its over. I may not get honors in this course but I can live with it considering the material is so painful to read and interact with. Along with this paper went a few command appearances at the military chapel for worship services. Not that I did anything, just worshiped if you could call sitting there thinking about all the things I had to do, worship! Oh and falling asleep mid sermon cause I was just so tired out. We also have been working out in the yard, getting the flower beds and garden ready for planting. Saturday afternoon we planted our potatoes and in a few months we will be having some tasty purple and kenebec potatoes.

Oh and I almost forgot work has seen a crazy few weeks. So with all of that I hit the wall on Friday night, going to bed at 8 pm. I don't think I have been this tired since I was in parish ministry with 3 funerals, 1 wedding and two middle of the night bedside visits to the dying in hospital. Needless to say this put a crimp in my to do list, but I must keep telling myself the to- doing will always be there.

On the fun side of things, I have been making some summer clothes. I am balancing that out with some home good projects that have been piling up and some quilt top UFO's which I will talk about later in the week.

In the meantime, Happy Easter. Enjoy this mosaic by PJP on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
1. Crucified, 2. Dandelion, 3. HAPPY EASTER., 4. ~~ Taking Time Out To Reflect ~~, 5. Basilica of St Mary, 6. Margariten, 7. Happy Easter, Dear Friends!, 8. Happy Easter To All!, 9. Crater Lake, 10. Happy Easter! ☺, 11. Via Dolorosa...., 12. My Sidekick, 13. White-Bouquet, 14. Varieties of Cherry Tree in Japan, 15. To Have And To Hold, 16. oh! it's PINK!, 17. Morning sun on african daisy, 18. Dandelion Easter Egg, 19. Life, 20. Happy Easter, 21. Pigeon Point Lighthouse (2 of 8), 22. Happy Easter, 23. Yellow Flowers, 24. Transition, 25. He is not here....., 26. Happy Easter flickr friends, 27. Osterhase inmitten vom Fr├╝hlingblumen, 28. ~IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~, 29. Pine Siskin, 30. Cruisin' In Blue, 31. Red Toile With Heart, 32. I have earned my stripes, 33. Spring & Cherry Blossoms....., 34. Lady In Red, 35. ~~ I Look Up To You ~~, 36. PASSION

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