Tuesday, April 10, 2012

200 Posts

Birthday Cake by StitcherellaCo
Birthday Cake, a photo by StitcherellaCo on Flickr.

Would you believe it I have reached 200 posts? Go figure. Maybe the blogger tracker is wrong on the numbers? Well maybe not. But who would have thought that I would have had that much to say. Wow.

To celebrate I am going to have some cake. Well actually I will sublimate my want for cake with the photo to celebrate 200 posts.

When I first made my blog I was unsure of whether it would be a good outlet to connect with other quilters, scrap bookers and preachers. But over time and working with a few other mediums like Flickr, it is becoming just an awesome medium to meet new photos and act as a focus for my work.
Thanks to all who stop by for a bit.

Via Flickr:
A birthday cake for the birthday girl

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