Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday

What I have to report on progress this week is not much.  The weather has been surprisingly good so I have been getting out in the yard, checking out plants and seeing what had survived the winter. 

Drunkards Path

I picked up a Tonga charm pack of batiks and cut it into drunkards path blocks and spent a few hours over a few days sewing them up.  Finally have cut 42 suckers down and they are ready to put up on the design wall and play around with.  Not sure what will be the final design.  What I have currently reminds me of the CBC ( Canadian Broadcast Corporation) logo, so maybe not.  Good thing I didn't chose orange and navy...
layout of drunkards path blocks

ME and my sister # 9

Not too much to say about this one.  It got pushed aside in favor of another project.  Must do something on it later this week. Sorry no photo as they are sitting in a plastic bin at this moment.

New York Beauty QA

I love NYB blocks.  Just love them.  Every few years I go through a phase where I make a bunch and put it together in a quilt, mini or some other decorative piece.  My plan for these blocks is to make it into a runner type hanging, think long and narrow.  But instead of laying it down like a runner it will be hanging as art in a corner of our house that is missing a certain something. Did I say i really love NYB.  I am making two different versions of this block. 
NYB Tropical
Monochomatic NYB

Ice Quilt

Is laid out all I need to do is sew the blocks together.  Maybe this weekend.  Its suppose to be rainy so a good excuse to stay indoors and sew.

On Hold 
Way too much I am afraid.  I must get the whip out and crack it over myself to get a move on.

Farmers Wife QA
Animals in the zoo
Tokoyo Subways quilt
light dark HST
Dr Seuss pillow

To start

2 boy quilts of superheros.

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