Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wrapping up the Weekend

I do declare, where has the time gone.  It has been so busy around here, trying to get outdoor jobs done between the rain showers.  I have more weeding to do now that it is warming up, and some tulips and allium bulbs to plant that I forgot last fall and found in a bout of cleaning (oops!). I did a bit of baking this week and took some fantastic cupcakes to work.  If you want a good chocolate Guinness cupcake with chocolate ganache and baileys butter cream icing, look at this.   This recipe was fantastic enough that I went out and found some small 4 inch spring form pans to make another one, this time as a layer cake.  Should be awesome.  Now to find someone to share it with cause I only want just the tiniest bite.  Quality control you know.

The sewing room floor is looking a bit more clear of debris, which it should seeing as I have made a bag of scrap fabric to give to another quilter.  I kept saying I was going to make a scrap quilt from these bits, but get distracted with other things so the pile keeps building. That is not to say that I haven't been making scrappy quilts, just the opposite.  I just have too many scraps of fabric and would be doing only scrappy quilts. Anyways the scrap bag is getting filled and as is my Dresden blade bin.  I think I can make at least two queen size Dresden by now.  I must get one that. 
Lent stole
 I completed a Lent stole for myself this time.  I had made this two years ago from my dad but didn't get around to finishing mine.  This morning I put on the crystals and called it done.

No Snow on my Beach
 I also finished "No Snow on my Beach" quilt top.  This is a drunkards path quilt made from Tonga Charm Squares using the Tropical Punch line.  The white background is a tone on tone snowflake giving license to the the name of the quilt. Two border pieces and this top is ready for the long arm quilter.  I had decided to go for something more boy looking for the back but I had this yellow dot blue daisy print from Michael Miller that picks up all the colors so that is what I am going with. 
Screen Door

I also finished up a UFO that has long been in my closet, I think 6 or 7 years now.  Yikes.  I cannot remember who made the pattern or what it is called either.  I call it the Screen Door.  I did another one that was very primitive fall looking but this one is my favorite of the two. 

 I also completed a pillow top.  I need to do two more but ran out of pom pom fringe and refused to drive into town to get some as I didn't want to interrupt my productivity.  Here is the front and back.  These will go in the spare room that has a chenille bedspread on it.  These pillows were a bit of up cycling for me.  Both grandma's had given me  their chenille bedspreads from way back when.  One was in great shape while the other not so much.  I took that one, cut it down into three pillow tops and binned the rest.  Adding from my stash the backing is a great way to use up some fabrics too.

Now I am off to work on an outdoor job before those black clouds come back! Happy Sunday.

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