Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paint me shades of turquoise

My favorite color is turquoise.  All shades of it.  If you were to walk through my house you would find it in clothing, artwork, soft furnishing and of course on the walls.  Good thing we live on the West Coast and it works well with the feel that we are trying to accomplish in our home.
Anyways for the last few weeks I have been painting.  Mostly trim, a nice shiny white, but this weekend the second spare room was up for reno.  The DH did all the calking, I taped and then went to work painting a feature wall ( Benjamin Moore's Gossamer blue)  and four other walls ( Ocean Blue).  So far its looking pretty good.  Just another coat tomorrow, and do up the trim, and put everything back in with a few adjustments and another job is done.  Unfortunately that does not mean that the painting is done.  Still have another 10 doors to paint, one bathroom and a very large room including ceiling on the main floor.  My hand hurts already thinking about it.  Perhaps by May I will have it all done. 

Just in time to paint outdoors! LOL.

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