Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This week has been pretty productive.   Let me show you.

I have this top done and its ready to go to the long arm quilter.  The pattern is a download from Michael Miller and goes together very quickly.
Happy Baby quilt top

I also have got the binding done on my rectangle quilt and will be hand sewing that down in the next two days.
The snowball quilt is still waiting its border.  I'm dithering on whether to give it a scrappy border or a pattern print.  What ever option I choose I got to have it figured out by Thursday cause its going to the long arm quilter on Friday.


 I also got this little McKenna Ryan pattern done, framed and ready to send to  my parents for a birthday present. Got to send that off on Friday as well.  I am getting the sense its going to be a full day.

McKenna Ryan
 I also got the binding on the Ferris Wheel done.  Arlene the long armer did a great job on it. I just love the ampersand and other marks quilted in the center of the Dresden's.  What I don't like is the ends of the dresden showing through the plate.  Next time remember to put in some batting or double the fabric to hide it, girl. 

I also started working on Tokyo Subway quilt from Oh Fransson and have four blocks done thus far. They look pretty good.  
Tokyo Subway
Not sure if I included this on my last WIP post, but i have  the top of the Animals in the zoo quilt done and ready to go off for quilting as well.  I predict that the end of March is going to be a busy month putting binding on quilts.

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