Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Finishes

I did well in finishing a lot of projects this month.  Lots of house fixing jobs as well as quilting UFO's are off the list.  Yeah me.  So sliding in under the wire is the Stain glass angel that I had started back in 2000 but never got to finish.  She is now done and looks pretty good.
Simple horizontal quilting behind the angel
 I also started and finished this runner.  It was inspired by Farbstoff's blog who had posted a photo and a color chart and some idea of how soft and gentle and innocent this quilt should look. I pulled some fabric, went and added some linen and a variegated quilting thread and voila.  I like how it looks though i am not pleased with how many point are off.  Normally I'm a lot more picky but I was freestyling and not worrying too much about it.  I think a trip to Michael's is in order to find some doily or crocheted laced to make a flower of sorts to hide where the most obvious diagonal line is off. 
 These photos below are the quilts that are going off to the long armer and I will get them back mid March.  They are Solstice Stars, Happy Baby quilt,Hopscotch, and Animals in the Zoo. 

off to the quilter

These quilts are ones that are along with the two from the top are completely done.  The XO quilt that Lee designed.  Her version is called Cross Terrain.  Wonky Cross baby quilt, rectangle, color block place mats from Sew Mama Sew tutorial along with a carry case, Ferris wheel ( I love the punctuation in the centers of the blocks, and lastly a McKenna Ryan piece that I stretched and gave as a Feb birthday present.
All done. 
I can't wait to plan the projects for March!

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