Friday, February 24, 2012

Dress Down Friday

Today at work it was dress down Friday. Those who choose not to wear their uniform can wear civilian dress for a donation of two dollars which goes to charity. The expectation for these days is you looks presentable - shirts with a collar, nice pants usually no jeans.  You certainly can tell the difference from those who have been in the military for a while and those who are newer cause the long term folks dress more formally putting the young un's to shame.
Anyways after a lot of dithering about what to wear last night, I still ended up dithering in the morning when I didn't like how my pants looked.  Sometimes ( i hate saying this) a uniform is so much easier.  I figure I need to start preparing for next month dress down Friday now.  I will have a whole month to do so.

 After visiting Pinterest I found the Blonde Salad blog.  She offers up a photo of herself wearing this outfit.  What do you think?  Could I wear something like this?

On second thought I can hear comments about the Muppet's coming on from the guys that I work with. Good thing I have a month to figure it out.

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