Monday, January 2, 2012

UFO landing

Kind of a hokey title but I figured it was a good lead into my finish of a project today.  I had been hoping I would have had it done on New Years Eve, but I petered out when it came to hand sewing the binding.  I try to keep a pile of hand work ready but that means it slows up my progress a bit too.  Anyways, what I have completed today is a UFO from 2003 ish and a scrap table runner. 

I had bought a package of bali scraps from my LQS last week and when I had ironed and sorted everything I had enough in one color way to make a runner. I was quite amazed at how many large strips and pieces were in these packages from Kuaffman I think.  This is the second project I made from one of these boxes of fabric, the first being a Christmas stocking.  Today's runner is  pretty simple, just a bunch of rectangles sewn together with simple quilting to hold it all together. Lucky for me, the bali fabric is the star and showcases its own charms.

Bali Runner in Green and Gold

The second project that I am really proud of completing is on my goal list for 2012.  I have officially competed a UFO.  This simple applique of roses on the fence  from American Quilting and Patchwork magazing ( I think) has been sitting on the shelf in the work room for far too long.  It really went together quickly as most of the work was done other than just laying it out and ironing it down and doing the stitching.
It looks pretty good and made me check out my roses after I finished it.  Who would have thought that my roses would still be budding in January !

 Now that these little things are out of the way, I have to put the petal to the metal on the sewing machine that is, and finish off another UFO.  I have it figured out if I do a block and a half per day I should be able to get this baby finished by Monday.  I hope! We will see how well I use my leave time.  So far I have weeded the front and side gardens, done laundry and made two suppers. Next I have to tackle a spot of housecleaning.

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