Saturday, December 3, 2011

Victoria Truck Light Parade 2011

Victoria Truck Light Parade 2009 by Lloyd Dewolf

Victoria Truck Light Parade 2009, a photo by Lloyd Dewolf on Flickr.

When I arrived in Victoria in 2006, I learned that one of the interesting things that happened in December is the truck light parade in early in the month.  The first time I saw the parade it was quite by accident coming from the airport.  But tonigh, by a happy happenstance we got to see this years truck parade.  

I was just craving a drink at our local Starbucks and convinced the husband to come with me.  As we drove the 2 km, we noticed an unusual amount of traffic and folks lining the street.  The husband then mentioned that he had seen the ad in the paper for the truck lighting but no time for it. ( Figures!) 

Anyways we got our drinks and parked ourselves on a ledge over looking Millstream Road and waited.  Good thing it wasn't too cold as we just came out in our fleecy zip up.  While we had to wait a bit longer than we planned, the display of lights was worth it.  Some of them were quite creative with the layout of lights, flashers and music.  Still others had fancy horns that played a Christmas tune and one truck has fire coming out his exhaust pipes behind his sleeper cab. Cool.

 My favorites were the ML from the 74 Com Group ( got to support the troops/work of course) and the Canada Post Truck.  Galey Farms had a very good display as well.  My only regret was I didn't bring my purse with me to take some photos, as our vantage point was perfect to take it all in.  

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