Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fits of Productivity

 Today was one that I spent most of the day in my workroom ( for a change). I had started a few projects the day before and wanted to see if I could get them finished and with some hard work I did! I completed two table square/ rectangles using some funky fabric. My starting point was the check fabric and the little owls.  These dark photos don't do it justice.
Table square
Table rectangle two

I also made a tweed skirt that I am hoping to wear later in the week for dress down Friday. Its a lovely purple color and will look fabulous with a button up cardigan. If I recall correctly this is the last Friday or second to last to dress down (not wear your uniform but civvies instead) for a small donation to the United Way. Most folks keep it pretty casual, but I like to use it as an opportunity to wear something closer to what I wear on Sunday to church or to a professional meeting. 
I was also able to finish off my first Single Girl quilt as well.  Good thing too as it is going to a good home for Christmas.  The photos aren't the greatest but at least it shows it is DONE. 
Single Girl quilt in blues and browns

fabulous quilting by Arlene

I am going to do two more.  A baby one and another king size.  But I have to work myself up for it.  Slowly I have been collecting fabrics for another king size that will use mostly balis.  It should look fantastic. The baby one, I want to be fun and colorful.  If I can find a neat fabric line with multiple options I may go for it as the fabric for the baby single girl, but so far nothing has grabbed me. 
The other thing I got to work on today was cleaning my workroom abit.  It still is not a tidy as I want it but I put about 20 meters of fabric away, and can see a lot more of the carpet on the floor which is a good thing.  Unfortunately I have too many projects going at the same time, hence the fabric all over.  I think Christmas break will be a good time to have a good clean out.

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