Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Lord what a Morning!

Okay its actually evening but the sentiment is still the same.  The last few days have been just crazy with last minute meetings, interviews,baking, paper writing - everything but getting the last few Christmas quilts done and wrapping a parcel to send to Alberta.  Even tonight I was running around trying to complete things for a task tomorrow and doing a spot of baking. 
I have found my baking sessions have been a great time to think and pray and Lord knows there are many things to pray for at this time of year.  Especially at my work place, folks are finding out if they will be moving from Victoria to another posting in Canada, which of course puts the family in immediate turmoil as they start to process that.  There are prayers for those who are sick and dying.  How hard is that for everyone at this time of year.

Crew of HMCS Vancouver from Combat Camera

I also am praying for the crew of HMCS Vancouver as they are away from family at Christmas.  My husband tells a sad story about his first Christmas sailing in 2003.  His only gift that Christmas was a little stocking sent from the CO's wife who happened to make up stockings for the ships company.  I know I still cringe, but it's not my fault as I had not met him. 
I also am praying for Graham, my brother in law who is currently in Afghanistan and will miss Christmas at home this year. May God be with all of us as we journey our separate paths over this Christmas tide.

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