Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Preparations

Well Christmas is drawing closer and I am in a slow frenzy finishing up some things for year end at work and cleaning the house in preparation for company during the Christmastide. Unfortunately I haven't got a lot of time in quilting land, but come the 28th I am putting the pedal to the medal and working on finishing up some projects that I have had on the go way too long.  Yeah like since 2000.  

I hate to admit how long some of these projects have been sitting.  I either lost interest or the reason for making the quilt initially has changed, not to mention my style preference has really changed as well.  I am sure that a lot of crafters have projects like this.  And  you hate to throw them out, wasting fabric and the time you spent making them.  In the past I was lucky to be involved in some great guilds so I could bring it there to them and donate it as a comfort quilt and someone would take over finishing and quilting it.  Great deal all around I think. 
 I was able to get the quilted coins top done.  This was a great tutorial by Don't call me Betsy that is perfect for showing off all the fabrics from the Dr. Seuss line.  Arlene did the quilting on it, a simple double stipple that is fairly large in yellow thread.  I just love how it looks. 
One plan for the new year is do a big purge of fabrics and craft supplies.  I need to whittle things down to a manageable size, which means making up a lot of little projects to use up bits and pieces.  Right now I am loving the zip bags.  I have so far made two in different sizes and colors. I see a lot more just to use up some fat quarters and a big box of zippers that is threatening to spill over its container.

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