Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Its that time already. Yup time to deck the halls.  We put up some garland last night after the Grey Cup game, it need a few additions and some tweaking but will soon be finished. We have two trees up and are working up enough energy to do the third. This will be the wild and very colorful tree.  When we were at the Christmas store we saw a tree that I just loved.  It was gaudy and sparkly and loaded with just about everything in the store.  It was awesome.
The Awesome tree
 They also had a little army of nutcrackers that I had to check out.  I have a collection of nutcrackers my self, about 7.  8 if you count the odd nutcracker penguin.  He is fun and will go well with the crazy tree we still have to do up. But the classic nutcrackers guard the tree and fire place upstairs.
Nut Crackers
I have gotten one more binding done on a quilt top.  Yeah.  Now I need to plant myself in the sewing room with a movie and do the big monster, the Single Girl quilt.  I don't want to show it until its all done, but it is fantastic.  Love what the quilting did to it.

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