Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All Done

Christmas set up at our house is done. Well pretty much.  All that remains to be done is hanging a few quilt.  As soon as it get a ladder and a laser level that wll be done and it will be finished, until it is time to take it down.

Outdoor lights up and running.
This is the outside. I still think that we need to add some lights to the garden part not just a few candy canes up the side, but seeing as I am not doing the work, I guess it will just have to slide. When you enter the house, we have the garland on the banister with some lights.  Went very colorful this year. Though I must admit that I prefer the traditional white light. Also when you come into the house we have the wild and crazy multi colored tree.  We have three tree, a veritable forest and I have to admit it was not intentional.  I had one from my single days, the DH had one from his and then we bought one to fit our house and ended up with three.

Crazy colorful tree.  I think it needs more!
 Upstairs is more subdued and traditional.  We went with white, red and gold. I just love the upstairs tree.  Its full of fun oramaments that are 50 years to brand new. Any kid would like the ornaments on this tree, as it has cowboys, snowmen, angels, planes, etc.  I am waiting for a quiet night, to play Christmas music, sit by the fire and read a good book. That is one of the best things for me at this time of the year.  Just sitting by the tree and letting the lights soothe me.

Up stairs dining and living room

We also have a tree in the bedroom.  Its set on a timer so you don't have to do anything but crawl in bed and watch the lights and fall asleep.  Its a wonderful way to fall asleep. I still need to make a tree skirt for this guy and the one downstairs.  I got  a bit behind on the tree skirt project, so I guess this Christmas season I have to make up for what I didn't do the rest of the year!

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