Saturday, October 1, 2011

Single Girl No.1 and not the only

Well the top is finally done.  I feel so good about getting this project out of the way  and on the long armer for quilting. It took a bit longer than I had intended but that was due to my lack of drive more than the pattern instructions or any difficulty in piecing it together.
Now what might have you scratching your head and asking if I am crazy is - I want to make a few more.  One for our room using a lot of sea colors and another baby size using something different.  I have seen a few awesome Single Girls made with some kick ass colors that inspire me to try something not so safe. Seeing as I want the baby quilt version to be very different from the normal baby quilt, I thought I would take my cue from a favorite website, Lay Baby Lay. 
Joni has wonderful nursery layouts that are fresh and creative using different colors and theme in a way that is simple and clean but fun.  Anyways quite a few of the nautical theme layouts are my favorites, and I think having a baby quilt using the Single Girl pattern and the admirals color palette will be fun.  In the meantime, this quilt top is off for quilting then to mom and dads in time for Christmas!

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