Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have been working steadily on projects this week.  No grand finishes just plugging away and getting a bit more done. I really have to start working on tree skirts, or I will run out of time to get them long arm quilted.

scrappy HST - I still have full bins of scraps that I need to get used up.

Single Girl Quilt - a few more blocks done on this monster.  Now I am starting to question if I really want to make one for myself after this is done. 

Turquoise HST -  Well I laid it out now to sew the blocks together.  Six rows in total.

Swanky Hourglasses - Back in May I cut these out, this week I finished sewing them into hourglasses.Now to lay them out in a fashionable pattern and get sewing.

Dr. Seuss Remix- I  had some left over Dr Seuss prints that I wanted to use up so came up with this pattern.  Blocks are now down all that remains is to make into a top.

Off to Quilting -
  • Dr Seuss coins
On Hold -
  • Ice blocks, 
  • wonky cross quilt
  • animal cracker quilt

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