Monday, October 31, 2011

Color Inspiration

Every once in a while I need to be challenged in what I make quilting wise.  Sometimes its a new technique, other times its a pattern style that is so not my own or use of color that I would not normally chose.  I came across a blog recently called Design Seeds, where the blogger offers a photo and from that photo a color palette that can be used to design something.  The photograhy is outstanding and refreshing, and the colors that are covered are exciting to my eye.
Anyways, I went on Sat, when I could finally crawl out of bed, to my LQS with two palettes in hand and went about chosing fabric.  I have no idea what I am making yet, though I do have a glimmer of something for the one colorway.

So what palettes did I choose?
Frosted Tone from design seeds.

To go with this I got some yummy soft fabrics that make me think of my friend Susan, who just became a grandma for the third time. I figure I can make a little something for her.  The chocolate brown fabric reminds me of dutch cocoa, you know the powdered stuff that you use to make brownies.  

Pecked Tones form Design Seeds
This rooster is somewhat of another challenge with its deep, moody colors that call for simplicity when choosing a quilt pattern.  So we will see what I can come up with.  I threw in a white as I think I will need something for a background and the grey dot is me taking liberty with the putty color on the end of the palette.

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