Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Mod Times
I have spent my day indeed laboring.  Actually, the whole weekend has been full of work since I am not only on call until Tuesday morning but also had a funeral on Saturday.  That particular experience was interesting and perhaps I will blog about it later in the week.  It certainly has put both my husband (who also attended) and myself into great thought on the whole business of funerals. 
Today's tasks included weeding the gardens and putting some of the baskets to rest, trimming the roses and painting.  The painting has been moved to later in the week, when I haven't expended all my energy on one task. I have three doors left to go out of six.  I am not sure about this paint color so have picked a second option, to use on the front three doors.  If the husband doesn't like it, I will do a little switcheroo and paint them lighter and make the side doors the darker.  That will be a lot more extra work but if the weather holds until Friday or even Thursday afternoon, I can get it done then.
I also have gotten in some sewing in this weekend.  Finished the binding on two quilts, Mod Times and French Rail Road.  I have sewn a bit on Rectangled, bits left over from another project that will help use up scraps, and give me an easy baby quilt.  I finished all my Turquiose HST's that I started back in January, and now need to organize them into a pleasing top. 

French Rail Road

I also did some re-organizing in my sewing room, which means the husband can see the floor instead of piles all over the place, though there are some piles here and there.  But over all it looks better.  Now if only I could get rid of the carpet in here and put down laminate, it would be so much easier to keep clean.

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