Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Sampler Top

I have finished the top of the Summer Sampler Quilt along quilt.  I worked like a maniac on Sunday and a bit today and finished it.  I had no real plan in mind other than I didn't want it to look totally like a traditional sampler.  So I added some sashing in two colors and four other blocks to make it work.  I like it how it looks, though the photo isn't the best cause the wind was blowing and the board I use to hold the quilt on top of the railing wasn't too stable either, but you get the picture. I will take another one once the quilting is done. 
I am hoping to convince Arlene to try something new and funky on this one.  I have been scouring the internet and looking at different patterns, and found a few that really appeal to me, hopefully I can get Arlene to see that appeal too! I think I have also found the back.  In my stash I have this piece of limey green with mulitcolored and sized dots and fairies.  All the colors are in the quilt front, so it will be perfect and an opportunity to use up 5 meters of fabric!!! Yeah.  I love that.
I have to make some bigger dents in the stash though. Its getting a bit out of control.  At last count I have four scrap bins under the table, and another two in the hall closet.  I need to be more like Rita at Red Pepper Quilts with regards to my scraps.  She does the make the most divine baby quilts, all out of scraps.  Lots of inspiration, so perhaps one night this week I will dump a bin and see what I can do!

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