Saturday, August 13, 2011

Potato Towers

The produce in our little veggie garden is finally producing.  Considering some of the things were planted early May, they should be a bit further along than what they are but what is ready now are pea's, onions and potatoes. 
Back in late May or was it early June I saw online at Sunset magazines an interesting way to grow potatoes. For weeks I watched, watered and waited for something to happen.  My neighbors thought I was a bit strange putting these strange contraptions in my garden but I have done stranger things. 
So today I decided that I would open one of my two towers and see what was going on.  Much to my surprise I have a hill of potatoes with out the hilling and other stuff involved in a normal potato patch.  I got about 9 spuds which wasn't too bad.  Now if it had been a bit hotter earlier on June, perhaps I would have more, but I think that's pretty good for my first try. 

Next year my plan is to put in four towers.  Three in the garden and one in the corner of the flower bed.  We should be raking them in this time next year!

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