Friday, August 12, 2011

Need Scraps?

So instead of driving to northern British Columbia, I am spending my leave cleaning out the sewing room and the "suite" which we aren't renting out but using for our junk room.  The plan is for me to take over all or some of that space as the scrap booking and quilting can't be contained in the 10 X 12 room its currently in.  Okay its not so small, but I have a lot of stuff and while I try to be diligent and use stuff up instead of just oohing and awing over it, it still accumulates.  In order to get from one space to another I have to purge, tidy, paint and move it all.  
I have been purging for a few weeks now and starting to see some signs of progress, but I sure wish it was only as simple as moving things out to the patio, paint and then decide what goes back in, but its not that easy or realistic.   
Sweet Divinity scraps

So as part of that process, I have some fabric from the Sweet Divinity line by Quilted Fish for Riley Blake that I am willing to send off to a new home.  The pile is made up of strips ( 1 1/2", 2, and 3"widths by assorted lengths) and larger cuts (12 X10, 6 X13).I did have the whole line so there's a little bit of everything in this bundle.  If anyone out there can use another addition to their collection leave a comment and I will draw on Sunday. Don't forget to leave a way to email back to you if you are a no reply blogger.

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