Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Lord what a morning!

Now being once more on leave I was able to start my morning in a more civilized fashion.  I gathered up the dog and we went down to the Lagoon and walked along the beach.  When we arrived I counted 25 blue Herons and 4 Egrets along with numerous other birds.  Since it was before 8am it was pretty quiet which was nice for us to stroll along without worrying about disturbing someones view who would park along the road.  My only regret was my camera battery died yesterday and I hadn't replaced it, or else I would have some wonderful photos to put in the blog. 
from Flickr
The beach looks so different when the tide is out and it was nice to walk along the sands further out, as the surf roared in around us in a semi circle.  I found my self taking a moment to say my prayers on a large piece of diftwood, praising God for the beauty of the day.  I mean it couldn't be any better, smooth ocean water, pinky clouds highlighting snowy capped mountains, the smell of pine and my little four legged friend along side me content to explore and sniff.  Made me think of the scripture verse in Matthew, I think!, about the lilies of the field and the birds of the air.  They just grow and do their thing, worrying not about food, shelter or other cares humanity might have. They just be.  And so I did to.   It was wonderful. 

My Lord, what a morning, you have given me to be present in.  Help me to toss aside the cares of yesterday and its hostilities, and to fully embrace this day.  Fresh and clean, full of possibility I thank you for this invitation to enter into your kingdom on earth.  May I remember to move with grace towards my fellow travelers and your guidance to my path.  Amen.

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