Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Glorious Flowers

combination 2
Our garden is looking very fine.  The new plantings and baskets are brimming with color and fragrance.  I had a lot of fun not only choosing and planting all these new things back in April - May.  It was great to play with color and see what will happen to these little combinations.  I love the purple sweet potato leaf, with a lime green drappy creeping jenny, pink and purple fuschia with some little purple bell flowers.  Or the combination #2  of heliotrope, orange dahlias, pink nicotina, yellow bell flowers with New Zealand flax.

Here are some photos of planters along the west side of the house.  Don't they look great.  They make me think of a blog I saw, can't remember the name now and never bookmarked it, where the blogger took a magazine cover as a jumping off point and used the colors and compositions to come up with a quilt.  I think some of my planters would be great color story's if I can find a good enough match in fabric!

The photo just doesn't capture the intensity of the lime green and copper in these leaves.

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