Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tea Cozy

Well I found this pattern back in January in my local quilt store made by a local Victorian, Lois Toutant.  She calls the pattern Cozyz by Lois.  Essentially this is a tea cozy using oriental fabrics and bamboo purse handles to make a unique piece.
my adaptation
Since one of my colleagues, married to a Japanese woman, is being posted out in a few weeks and I wanted a going away present for them, I thought this would be a thoughtful present. 
I will make a stop at the local chocolate store, Rogers Chocolate, later in the week and add it to the gift as well.  I know that Martin loves chocolate.  Actually there are three of us who arrived in Victoria around the same time and suprisinly found out that we love chocolate.  Needless to say we would make occasional trips to the chocolate store on our lunch breaks to make sure we had sufficient emergency supplies.  Rogers Chocolates of course are near the top of the list and even made a trip to the Middle East on deployment.  My favorites are the apple ice wine truffles. Yum.   Now I need to start on another posting out gift for one of my parishioners who's final Sunday is this weekend. 

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