Friday, June 17, 2011

Spider Man, Spider Man does whatever...

Spidy pinned to the sewing machine
The past two nights Spider man has been swinging into my workroom.  A few months ago I promise a little boy, who just loves to pretend he is a different super hero every day, that I would make him something super hero related.  While I made him a cape that I blogged about earlier, what I originally wanted to make him was this little shirt.  I used this pattern  from Simplicity that was easy to put together.  I cut it  and marked it one night, and the next I sewed it up.  This morning I put on the buttons before going to work and took the final photo.  I can't wait to see his reaction on Sunday.  I'm not sure who's going to be more excited - him or his sister, who is getting a tutu.   

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