Sunday, June 19, 2011

On How to say Goodbye

Today after church I told my congregation that I was being posted.  While its an internal posting and I will be on base, I won't be their minister Sunday after Sunday.  When ever a minister announces that they are going, it automatically changes the dynamic in the congregation, from moving ahead to being tossed into sudden chaos.   I was able to visit most folks and let them know what was coming, but there were a few whom  I didn't catch up with, so it came as a surprise.  Anyways today was the day to announce the change and who would be coming after me.  I really hope that they will take the new minister to heart and care for him and respect his leadership as much as they have mine.  By the middle of July, I will be fully moved to my new unit but I must admit I will really miss the Sunday preaching aspect of my ministry.  I have always know part of my own spirituality  has been tied to leading Sunday worship and moments like this remind me of it.  I really like the discipline of getting ready for preaching the sermon.  I think just to keep my hand in, so to speak and not dry up spiritually, I will keep on writing sermons even if they will not be delivered to a congregation.
Tea Cozy Front

tea cozy back
cup warmer

farmers market fabric

new fabric
On the crafting side, I have been working out some of my angst on fabric. I find when I get really anxious, mad or just wound up, hitting the sewing machine is a good way to deal with mental stress.
I made a holder to put on my cup that I get from Starbucks; made another tea cozy using Maxine by Robert Kaufman fabric;  cut out a new quilt using Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson and am eyeballing my new fabric.
Since I liked the Oriental print tea cozy I wondered how it would look done up in fun brights.  I think I will be taking this cozy to my office with a new tea pot and kettle.  With regards to new fabric, I have some of the Byzantine line, Kaffee Fasset, Amy Butler and some other odd and ends. Not sure how I will use it all, but I am sure that I will find out a way. 

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