Friday, June 24, 2011

New Red Shoes & fabric of course

While the husband and I were out shopping today, I found two new pairs of shoes.  One a very practical runner that is made to get wet and the other a very impractical pair of wedges from red plastic.  They remind me of something that Abby from NCIS, one of my fav shows would wear.  Wedges are about the only heels that I can wear right now, something about extra cushion that makes them more comfie than flats or other heels. 
lovely red shoes

new stash
I also got some new fabric.  Of course.  No surprise there.  This bunch includes (Top to Bottom):  Farmers Girls garden, Loves and Kisses, Kate Spain, Stonehenge,spirit by Lila Tueller.  The bottom piece is more of a cotton twill which I thought would be perfect for the back of some place mats.  That my project tonight!

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