Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ann Kelle Fabric as consolation to a bad day

I found this sweet chickie print by Ann Kelle at my local quilt store, Cloth Castle on Saturday.  Despite being long after Easter, I just had to have it.  Not sure what I will be making from it but it was too sweet to not have a piece of it.  Maybe a little table runner?  I will search the net a bit and see if I can find something special to make with it. But I have to say that this makes a good consolation prize to a very busy day and bad afternoon.
I am not sure how I ended up sealing the driveway after it was power washed by our handy guy Andrew but I did.  It wasn't even my idea. my plan after church was to dead head plants and fertilize the gardens. So now I have a blister on my right palm, a sore right shoulder and burning feet.  To make things worse, I am suppose to be painting our spare room tomorrow and Tuesday so that I can spend Weds- Friday cleaning up my sewing room and finishing off some projects.  I know, enough whining, be more flexible.  I'll get there but for now I just want to whine about it until the equilibrium settles once more.   
from scrappy rectangle blocks
On the brighter side i was able to clear up one of three bins that were sitting on the end of my sewing table before church this morning.  For the scraps of left overs from the Supernova QA, I made scrappy diagonal rectangles using this tutorial at Bijou Lovely.  I think this is a very versatile block and I can see many more in my future!

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