Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fandango Bits

Kate Spain came out a while ago with a line called Fandango which is a wonderful mix of lively orange, green, white, turquoise and yellow.  I find it so pretty and fresh that when I saw some scrap bags full of this fabric I bought myself two at my local store, The Cloth Castle.  Of course the annoying thing is the fabrics that I see and would like some are often ones that my local store doesn't have on its radar or takes so long to get in that it is out of stock in the US by the time it comes to Canada.  Good for those folks in the States who are looking for fabric no longer easily found there, you might be able to find it here!
easy cathedral windows
Anyways I decided that I would make two things out of all these scraps.  The first, some place mats for my mom, cause I think she will really love the colors and the second.... well lets say I was stumped for a bit, until I went to my " I wanna make this someday" file and saw the pattern for cathedral windows.  Since it takes small bits and I wanted a uniform look from a sole fabric line, I thought it would work well for Fandango.  As I am not interested in watching the Stanley Cup playoff, even if its my provinces home team, I sat down after supper and started pressing and folding, steaming and more steaming little packets to form the windows.  After two hours and four episodes of NCIS reruns I had enough for a pillow top.  I need to spend time tomorrow after work tacking down these babies cause I don't think Air Canada will let me on the plane with these pins.  Hopefully this will be enough to keep me occupied on my flight from Victoria to Ottawa.  Can you say painfully long. I know not as bad as flying to Australia or Japan but long none the less.  For those of you interested in the tutorial I found for this, it is here.  I found the tutorial easy to understand and put together.  I like that when that happens. 

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