Sunday, May 22, 2011

Work on a Long Weekend

In Canada around this time of year, we celebrate a long weekend in late May called Victoria Day after Queen Victoria.  Most folks see this as the start of going to the lake or cottage etc.  For me, its the start of being able to garden, and put out those more delicate plants and veggies.  Since I live on Vancouver Island I have been gardening since the end of March, but still have held true to form, planting those last delicate veggies into the raised bed and hold my breath that it won't get really cold at night. 
Hugs only at this point!
The rest of my time this three day weekend has been doing some sewing, quilting and other assorted jobs - I was able to finish a UFO quilt top, make a summer house dress which raised my husbands eyebrows, do numerous loads of laundry and try really, really hard to be quiet as the DH is working graveyards and sleeping during the day.  That also means that housework has to wait until he is up cause a vacuum would be too noisy, but by then I really don't want to do it, so its still waiting on me!  
Here's the whole thing all  together. 
New Fabric, I think the top one will be a nice apron
I have been quilting since 1991, when I went to off to complete my Master of Divinity degree and like most folks I have some unfinished projects in closet.  I have been trying to weed these out, either incorporating the fabric back in to the stash or finishing off the quilt and finding a new home for them.  I almost hate to tell you how old this quilt is, but the magazine says it was from Quilt Ideas, fall 2003.  Entitled by Hugs and Kisses, the title works for me as a name for this quilt.  I also got a few more pieces of fabric to add to the collection and I got some patterns from The Fat Quarter Shop that I am so excited to make! But more on that later. 

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