Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah, The Weekend

Well for me the weekend is over and it was much too short.  Sunday begins a new work week and hopefully 7 days full of wonderful surprises.  As the extra day I took from my banked holiday time whiled away, I found myself longing for the sewing machine. While I take great pleasure in digging in the dirt and planting things, I will be glad when its all complete and I can move on the just weeding or maintaining as a old parishioner used to refer to her weeding time. I guess I just haven't found the balance between all the stuff that needs to get done in the weekend time frame with the quilt project list.  In order to get some of the Christmas quilts done I have to make sure I keep on pushing along on these quilting items.
Today is a rainy day as will be Monday so perhaps I can get some indoor work done after the regular job hours are over.  The husband is chomping at the bit for me to sort through some stuff in a corner, so we can make the space into more workspace of my ever expanding hobbies of scrap booking and quilting. We purchased a lot of paint from Benjamin Moore on Friday, which means we now have no choice to paint two bedrooms, one bath and a large living room.  We also have some outdoor painting to do, so I foretell a summer with lots of rolling around.   
Hugs and Kisses

New fabric
In the meantime I pulled an UFO out of the closet, thinking that if I finish this up, I would have a bit more space for some other items that are taking room in the workroom.  I also think it would make a great Christmas present for a 4 year old if I can get it done and to the long arm quilter, Arlene, its going to be one more thing off the list of things to do.  Its bright, cheery and fun. 
I also have some new fabric, actually got it a few weeks ago,took the picture and forgot to post it.  Its full of some lovely linens ( at the bottom), a whole bunch of bolt ends, roughly 4" high with 14 assorted pieces and 9 fat quarters.  All this from The Fabric Shoppe.  Oh the projects that are calling me to start them... But alas, I have to restrain myself, for today at least!

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