Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Work

My Thrift store table all dolled up

rainbow waterwheel blocks
Well another weekend is almost over.  It was fairly nice on Vancouver Island, with the blue sky deciding to come and play awhile.  Taking full advantage of it, I spent some time out in the garden and doing some outdoor jobs.  I think I spent about two hours on my hands and knees painting some trellis work for the garden, a lovely color called kalamata.  I still have another two panels of lattice to paint, but it will have to be done another day as I am pretty sore from kneeling. 
I also found a little plant stand or side table at St Vincent de Paul Thrift store for $15.  I sanded, primed and then painted it a nice bright white.  Done in a few hours and looks fantastic.
Not much time was spent quilting I have to admit.  The desire was there of course, as it usually is but household chores and the outdoors beckoned so I did that instead.  I think I am trying to avoid another mountain of ironing and PA (putting away) in the sewing room.  I still have a large pile of quilts to put a binding on, but that will involve more kneeling as my sewing table isn't big enough to accommodate anything large than 20".  Perhaps another day I will get to it!

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