Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's My Turn

My turn has finally come for the block exchange at Blockheadz.  Not that I had to wait all that long for my turn considering I was second in line.  Since I am on a bit of a reuse, recycle kick right now, I thought I would use the left over fabric from my Supernova quilt to come up with another quilt top.  Fabric settled I choose a pattern that I had in my " I want to make this binder" and came up with the Waterwheel Variation in rainbow colors with grey Kona background.  The test sample turned out fine so all that remains is to make more and add the outer border strip around each block.  Blocks have been sent out Monday and should now be winging their way to exotic places like Newfoundland, France and various United States locals.  Should be fun to see what comes back my way. 
waterwheel block test

Other items on the agenda this week:  start cutting out the Single Girl Quilt, hand bind the mountain of quilts back from the long armer, tidy up the sewing room including iron the pile of washed fabrics. What I want to avoid ( but know I have to do) is some housecleaning and toss out of stuff from when  we moved a year ago so that we can paint next week.  I think there is some outdoor stuff that needs to still be done now the landscaping is done.  This is the backyard.  There is a little veggie garden that you can't see in the back yard and other bed with roses in it.  They are gonna look awesome when things start to bloom and grow.  I think I will have a few new places to photograph quilts when they are complete, too!

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