Thursday, April 28, 2011

Catch up

Heather's blocks
Supernova top
Well I finished Heather's blocks for the Block Exchange at Blockheadz.  She chose a simple, easy to put together block  called Clay's Choice at Quilters Cache.  When put all together she will have a very striking top with out a lot of effort.  I love blocks like that.  Now to address an envelope and pop it in the mail to her.
The next project was to put the outer border on the Supernova QA.  I was dithering if I would use a different solid or if I would keep up with the rainbow theme.  The rainbow theme won as you can see by the photo below.  The deadline for quilting is the 12th of May, but I won't be making that deadline as I want to take it to the long arm quilter, Arlene.  I have given up on quilting anything bigger than 20".  Its just too much effort and I get a much better looking quilt using Arlene's talents. 
So that next thing on the list is the Sliced Coins Quilt along.  Its been hanging on the board in strips, waiting for its innards to be added.  I petered out on finishing that one.  I think the fabric I chose just doesn't read well with the pattern.  Oh well, it happens.  I am sure there is some child out there who will love a Dr. Seuss quilt.  

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