Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Three Days

For the next three days, I am going to relax and de- stress after Easter. I have to admit it was hard being at work for the last two hours of the day.  You could almost see the energy levels within me wind down like a clock or music box. 
While I won't be able to totally relax, I have too many chores to do plus some catch up sewing, I have booked in time to have a pedicure.  That is my favorite relaxing thing to do.  But one must do is a clean up of the sewing room.  Its bad enough I can't find my camera other wise I would I would take a photo of the new stack of fabric I got,how messy my room is and the quilts I got back from the long armer.

Its time for a time out and clean.  After I find something else to do to avoid it!

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