Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post Easter Run Down

Now that Holy Week and Easter have come and gone, well technically in the church Eater will last for a few weeks, I have some time to blog and to work on projects that have been piling up beside the sewing machine. 
So what have I been up to?  We have our yard dug up right now for landscaping and I spent Holy Saturday, purchasing plants to be placed into beds in our back and front yard.  We spent Easter after church, planting roses and other perennials in the back and I have to say they are looking fine.  I can't wait until the middle of July when they are rooted and blooming their little hearts out.  There was such great beauty in these little plants, like the lupine whose leaves held a drop of water that looked like a diamond. 
I spent last Wednesday getting ready for Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday and Easter services.  Its a lot of work trying to come up with extra sermons that will be meaningful to those who gather at worship.  Since many folks in my congregation have been struggling with issues of loss and grief, I wanted to be particularly poignant and hopeful when talking about crucifixion and resurrection.  I think that a lot of folks are struggling with the concept of life after death as it applies to them or loved ones so I wanted to be particularly open and clear on the topic. 
As for quilting stuff, I have a few things on my plate.  My sweet divinity quilt top is coming along, only 2 more rows to go until the top is finished.  The Bloggers blockapalooza still needs to be put together, as does the quilted coins QA, and the Supernova QA.  I still have a bin of HST's that need to be sewn into blocks.  I also, a few weeks ago, started working on a new block with bits of leftover fabric from the blockapaloozo QA.  And the load of 10+ items I took to the long arm quilter, Arlene are back and ready to be bound.  The binding is done, I just have to sew it on and stitch it down.  WOW. 

You tired yet?  I think I might have bitten off a bit more than I thought. 

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