Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Haul - Catch of the Day

This morning I had a parade at work to remember the torpedoing of HMCS Esquimalt by a German U boat, April 16, 1945.  Only one member of the crew that survived is still around to tell the tales of waiting 6 plus hours to be rescued in the cold North Atlantic waters, just miles off shore.  It was a brief ceremony at Esquimalt City Hall, as the ship was named after the city to foster links between ship,crew and community.  More folks attended than I had expected including news crews.  So we will see if I make it into the local news hour at supper. 
Anyhow this set my real plans for the day back a little so I didn't get to the fabric store or the garden center as early as I had hoped.  Needless to say I got a good haul at the fabric store for a lot cheaper than I thought.  One of the projects on my list is to make some outdoor cushions and pillows and some curtains for our upper deck.  I had seen some fabric that was just gorgeous in rust, black and beige, but when I went back a few weeks later, it was all gone.  So I had to do some altering of my color scheme for the one patio area.  I hope that having two different color schemes on an upper and lower patio, doesn't look too odd.  I guess we will see. 

outdoor fabrics and a few dots
my batting haul
I also found some wonderful cottons that will make some nice bindings, all very bright and cheery dots, one will be perfect with my SuperNova quilt.  But the deal of the day, was finding batting, Warm and Natural, 9.3 meters of it for $9.10.  Normally it is, $26/m so i was a steal.  Too bad that I couldn't find more.  I would have taken a full roll and been in hog heaven for about a year.   

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