Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week

Well Holy Week is here and I must admit like most years I am running around trying to do last minute things.  I have 3 extra services, all building on each other and not dovetailing together as well as I would like.  Add to it a lot of folks have come to visit, which despite being a nice distraction does cut into the daily routine. 
I was sick yesterday, hives all over me which tells me I am not handling the stress well or I am still reacting to an antibiotic I was taking 2 weeks ago.  Its very annoying.  Though,I know our dog relates well to my pain as she is always scratching when I am! Last night I sure felt like joining here.  I has an even worse breakout this afternoon, when on my way home I was the cause of another drivers road rage.  The man followed me 5 kilometers tailgating and honking his horn all the way.  The poor thing must have been blind if he couldn't see the steady stream of on coming traffic and still had the expectation of me to pull out into the intersection and turn.  Even if I could, it would have been on an amber or red light which when I last checked one was to be out of the intersection not entering it.  I have a feeling it will take me a while to get rid of this anxiety this situation caused, and the day was going pretty well to that point. 
After I do some home church work, I have great plans to hit the sewing machine, put binding on about 10 quilts of various sizes that came back from the long arm quilter, and putting the edges on my supernova quilt.  I was pretty slack this weekend in the sewing dept.  Oh I spent time in my sewing room, but it was putting away fabric ( though I have much more to go), trying to find a pattern for my turn in Blockheadz exchange on Flickr, making curtains for our patio to have a bit of privacy on the sides from noisy neighbors and doing oodles of laundry.  Productive I guess, but quite unsatisfying in the accomplishment side.  Anyone else feel like that? 

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