Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a mess

My scrapbook- quilting room that is.  I have piles of fabric that I washed and need ironing, only I have no interest in ironing, which in itself is odd for me as I find that task quite soothing.  I have bins of small cuts of fabric under the desk that my computer is on and some ends from projects in another corner.  Its a mess. And I am too embarrassed to take a photo.  I'm sure that many folks out there can relate.

green bag fro Green Bag Lady
So trying to use up some of the bits laying around I have taken on another project.  Yeah.  Despite saying I need to be finishing off UFO's.  This time I am making some grocery bags that I found on the Green BagLady site tutorial.  But it will take more than a few bags and a lot longer to get it in the nice orderly fashion that it was in a few months ago.  Amazing how fast it gets out of hand.  Here is my bag .  I think I will use it to carry my library books in.

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