Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vancouver Shopping Trip

Turquoise blue HST's
Last weekend, the DH and I went to Vancouver for a few days using up a prize of two free nights hotel stay that I won during a trade show at work. Normally when we visit Vancouver it is as a stop over to somewhere else, not to visit the city for itself.  Unlike many Vancouver Islanders who use the trip to head to Ikea, I of course had to forge a different path and visit the fabric stores.  Since many of the stores were conveniently located close to or along our route to our downtown hotel, it wasn't too hard to for the DH to find them and stop.  Of course that means that he will often come in and check things out too, even choosing some pieces for me to try to work with.  I am always amazed at what he picks, as its so different than what I pick.  Needless to say its all been washed, some pressed and put in the stash to be used up in the next year. 
In the meantime, I started making some HST's using indigo Kona and various turquoise blue stacks. I almost completed making enough to make a top.  Unfortunately I still have so many scrap to deal with that all those HST's didn't even make a dent.  I see much cutting  of fabric in my future in an effort to minimize this pile

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