Sunday, February 20, 2011

Work is getting in the Way

You ever have weeks when work gets in the way of your fun hobby time?  Well that was my week.  Very busy, long days that left me tired when I got home.  I don't mind working overtime, especially it I can balance it out with sewing time in order to reflect and process on what the day might have brought.  Unfortunately I was tired enough that I didn't spend a lot of time in my sewing room, despite having a lot of projects on the go that I wanted to get to. Despite that I have finished up placemats made out of Dr. Seuss fabrics, all caught up on the blocks for Bloggers blockapalooza, started a new baby quilt using Wild Friends print from Robert Kaufman.  I finally was able to get the materials to finish the borders on my Sliced Coin quilt along, I hate it when I don't have enough in my stash but think I can make it work anyways. 
I have been working hard to thin out the stash but must admit I could make about 10 HST lap size quilts from my .30 meter cuts.  Too much fabric, big ideas but so little sewing time.  I have yet to get to working on some of the UFO's in the closet, but eventually they will have to be dealt with. I wonder what incentive I could give myself to get them done?  Hmm, massage, or a pedicure or some more fabric?   How much needs to get done to get a treat?  

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