Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Freak February Snow

When I got up this morning there was snow coming down in big white fluffy flakes.  It had been snowing long enough that the neighbors roof was covered thickly. In our driveway it was 6" deep.  I drove without incident to the chapel, though I must admit the cover of Ocean Blvd was tricky to navigate as was the Belmont hill that folks were stalling out on.  Slow and steady but I made it.  Once there I found that the snow was 8" deep and showing no signs of slowing down.  I know because I took my ruler to the middle of the lawn and measured it. (I had a photo but its too grainy to add.)  It didn't take long for my foot prints to get filled in. 
The disappointing thing was how long it took work to call it a snow day.  By then I had already put in 3 hours of work, had no connectivity for my computer and the phone was cutting in and out due to water in the line.  To save myself some hassle tomorrow, I shoveled the snow and ended up shoveling 1/4 of the roadway form the church so I could get out.  I guess I can say I got my physical fitness in for the day. I wonder if I have enough energy left to shovel my house driveway a few times today. But the blessing is after I get some work for church done, I can quilt earlier!

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