Saturday, February 5, 2011

Farewell and Following Seas

Marty off on a jet plane
Well it has been quite a week a lot of change happening all around me.  Perhaps the saddest is the posting out of Marty, a dear colleague and friend.  He arrived in Victoria in 2007 and since both our spouses were out of province, we supported one another over the ups and downs of trying to maintain marriages with a distance. Not to mention he likes watching movies so it was nice to have someone to go see latest blockbuster with.  But on Thursday a.m. I got up early and took him to the airport so he could start a new job.  Its going to be pretty weird for both my husband and myself without seeing Marty on a weekly basis.  Hopefully his new quilt will keep him nice and warm and he will remember us fondly as he tucks himself in at night. 
Square in Square Quilt
Other changes that have happened you ask?  We ripped out our closets, painted and had Incredible closets come in and install us new closets and new cabinets in the laundry room.  Things look so different.
laundry room.  Its yellow now.

Not only are things more organized but the mess of  clothes, towels and other assorted household items that were littering the house for the last two weeks now have a place to be rather than scattered all over the house.  Now to do some decluttering and take some clothes to Goodwill as I am sure there are some pieces that are no longer fitting!

Then I think I need to turn my attention to outside stuff.  Now that the plants are starting to wake up from their winter sleep I need to do some prep work on them. 

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