Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holy Communion

I am amazed at children's ability to comprehend what through the centuries we have made so complicated, namely Holy Communion.  To them it simply is and they respond accordingly.  Presiding over communion last week, I gathered our small group of worshipers around the communion table in a semi circle.  The children of course were front and center, waiting for bread or a blessing.  When I got to one family, I laid my hands on this little girls head and said the Aaronic blessing to which she replied most seriously nodding her head, " Okay." I then served her mother and moved to the eldest child, who said, " Okay Padre Lara" after I had finished his blessing. I moved on  the next person in the circle and as I did so, the youngest of that family came running up, not to be left out.  His older brother turned to him, put his hand on his siblings head, much like I did, said something quietly and then hugged him.
It warmed by heart to see how he interpreted sacred actions and more importantly how he shared those actions & blessings to others.  Shouldn't it be that simple for all of us?   

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